25 June 2021

Agility and resilience helped Brookdale overcome the significant challenges that have arisen throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Brookdale’s CEO Cindy Baier. In an episode of the podcast “InsideOut” that posted this week, Baier said that being agile, nimble, and a learning organization allowed Brookdale to quickly make changes in response to new information, such as early in the pandemic when it became known that asymptomatic individuals could transmit the virus.  Baier said, “We knew that we had very strong infection control protocols, but we really had to learn a lot about how to keep COVID-19 out of our communities, and in the event that it did get into the communities, what we would need to do to respond to it.”

Baier said that resilience became important because “One of the challenges is that when you're a mission-driven organization, everybody wants to step in and, really, they push themselves to the limit and sometimes beyond.” So, Brookdale launched a program called “The Corporate Athlete” to increase the resilience of the organization.

Baier was interviewed for this podcast by Mike Alkire, CEO of Premier Inc., which describes itself as a leading healthcare improvement company.

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