21 September 2018

This week, we received a heart-warming email from a daughter of a new resident, Rosemary Lazarus. Her mother has just recently moved into Brookdale Brockport. It's been quite an adjustment for her and the family until Rosemary was reunited with a very special person from her past. 

Dear Brookdale, 

I’d like to share a heartwarming Brookdale experience with you. My 88-year-old mother, Rosemary, is a new resident at Brookdale Brockport. It was a difficult decision to make; Mom had lived in the same house for 58 years, and she and my father had raised ten children there. We had many family discussions about assisted living, and Brookdale seemed to be the right choice for her.

On Mom’s first day at Brookdale, we walked her to the dining room and then went back to her apartment to wait for her. She was unsure about being there, and my sisters and I waited for her to return like nervous kindergarten parents. When she came back to the apartment she was so excited! Apparently, a woman at her table had gone to high school with her! She couldn’t believe it. She hadn’t seen (or even thought about) this woman in over sixty years and here she was seated at her table for lunch! Mom told us, “I think I was at their wedding!”

A week later, my sister came across this photo as she was clearing out some things from Mom’s house. Jean Lui is the woman that shares a table with Mom at Brookdale! Not only was my mother at Jean’s wedding, but she was also the maid of honor! 

Mom and Jean became close friends after high school. Jean moved out of state and the two of them lost touch with each other. What a lovely surprise to find these two women as table mates at the same assisted living home! It cheered Mom up and made her more excited about living at Brookdale.



Rosemary and Jean's story has received local attention. Spectrum News in Rochester came out to talk to the duo this week and shared the reunion on their news broadcast. We're so excited to see this pair be reconnected and now enjoying their days at the community even more. Click on the photo to see their story

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