07 June 2019

Saturday, June 8th, is “National Best Friend Day” and two best friends at Brookdale Sunwest will be celebrating their special friendship by helping host an open house event. The duo became best friends over a mutual love of the same car; from there, they decided to not just share the same car but to share an apartment at the community.

Their friendship started when Marjorie Glosser, 92, purchased a new dark blue Buick Cascada. The convertible caught the attention of Majorie’s then neighbor, Joan Shedd, 82. Joan asked her if she could test drive the car but promised she wouldn’t buy one in the same color. The two struck up a friendship and have been best friends since. When they became owners of the same convertible, they earned the nickname, the “Topless Duo” by neighbors in the area.

(Joan kept her promise by getting a light blue version of the convertible.)

When Majorie decided that she wanted to move into Brookdale a few months ago, she invited Joan to come along for the tour. During the tour, Majorie asked her friend, “Joan, why don’t you move in with me?”

Joan thought about it and said, “Okay!”

Both are widows with children scattered across the country. They picked out a two bedroom Villa to share and now spend a lot of time together, even encouraging more of their friends to move in.

“It’s working out just fine,” said Majorie. “If we get mad at one another, we decided we would go to the other room and slam the door.” A signal to let the other cool off before working out whatever disagreement may be happening.

When asked what their favorite thing about the other is, Majorie said, “We think alike. We practically read each other’s minds.”

Joan replied, “When I’m ready to do something, she’s always ready to go along with me and do it. It’s truly nice to have a partner in crime.”

Having a partner in crime is certainly what having a best friend is all about and we’d like to recognize these best friends in honor of National Best Friends Day.

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