11 November 2020

Tropical Storm ETA has been strengthening and weakening from a Category 1 hurricane to a Tropical Storm over the last several days. It is expected to make landfall on the western side of the Florida coast.

Our primary goal is to help ensure the ongoing safety of our residents. At this time, there are no calls for evacuations. The plan for our communities in the path of the storm to shelter in place.

We are monitoring the storm and have a detailed emergency preparedness plan in place to try and address all aspects of an emergency situation. Our coastal communities are equipped with water, food, onsite or ready-to-deploy generators, and supplies, including an adequate supply of face coverings, hand sanitizer and disinfectants to care for residents.

We are taking appropriate actions to keep them safe throughout the storm and following the guidance and direction of authorities when it comes to potential evacuations.

We will update this website and community Facebook pages with any necessary updates regarding the status of the storm and/or communities. Subscribe to email news alerts here.

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