by Andrew Smith
04 October 2017

NOA Robot

“Alexa, what is the distance from the earth to the moon?” 

“The distance from the earth to the moon is 229,929 miles.”

Remember when you had to go to a library to look up the answers to these questions. Now, in an instant we can find the answer by asking a small voice activated box in our living room.

New technology innovations are all around us and more are coming to market every day. These devices allow us access to information quickly, connect with others and promote safety and wellbeing. Innovators are creating new products with seniors in mind and Brookdale embraces them by working with entrepreneurs early in their product development process.

Brookdale’s Entrepreneur in Residence program does just that! The program offers entrepreneurs and businesses developing products and services for seniors the opportunity to live in a Brookdale independent living community for a five day residency so they can better understand the true wants and needs of the aging population.

Residents enjoy taking part in discussions and demonstrations in an array of unique new technologies. Recently, residents at Redwood City were introduced to a social robot, called ElliQ, that encourages older adults to keep active and stay engaged. Residents at Brookdale Oak Park enjoyed playing with Fit Light, an interactive light therapy. 

When Heidi Culbertson saw how macular degeneration was robbing her mother of her independence, she developed an app to tackle the problem leveraging the Amazon Echo.  During her stay at Brookdale Regency Oaks, she hoped to refine the technology that made a big difference for her mom, with the goal of offering it to more people with vision or mobility challenges.

“Brookdale’s Entrepreneur in Residence is an incredible way to meet your audience where they are, understand design elements that fit the senior space properly, and produce a solution that will have real benefit for the user and traction for the business.” said Heidi Culbertson, CEO Marvee.

While we don’t integrate every product tested by the Entrpreneur in Residence program into our communities, this opportunity helps Brookdale residents stay informed on new technology. It also offers valuable insight to new entrepreneurs that will leave a lasting mark on generations to come.


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