16 March 2018

Some wives just hope their husbands remember their anniversary date, but not Ellie Kugel.

The Brookdale Pleasant Prairie resident was recently treated to a well-orchestrated 60th anniversary party. Her hubby Ron along with several Brookdale associates had been planning the celebration at the Kenosha, Wisconsin community for a while.

A nice romantic dinner with filet mignon with local string musicians providing the perfect soundtrack were all on the menu for this monumental occasion.

In the weeks leading up to the event, Ron and the Brookdale team worked to arrange for a violinist and cellist to serenade the couple. That day, associates set the candlelit celebratory table in a private dining area while the community’s chef prepared the cuisine.

Family members gathered in secret to surprise Ellie as she and Ron entered the room. A TV crew from Milwaukee’s WDJT-TV were on the scene to capture the love story as well! Here’s a link to the video.

The Kugels met in 1957 on Ron’s first day on the job at International Harvester in Iowa, where Ellie already worked. They had their first date at a football game, even though Ellie didn’t particularly care for the sport.  After Ellie told Ron she dreamed of living in a particular house near her parents’ home, he bought it when it went up for sale and proposed marriage to her. But he forgot one thing and so at her request, he then went down on one knee to ask for her hand in the customary way.

Their advice for sustaining a long marriage includes refraining from discussing private matters in public; never going to bed angry at one another; and always kissing each other goodbye and goodnight.

Everyone at Brookdale wishes the Kugels many more years of love and happiness.     


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