Got a story idea? News tip? Tell us!

Brookdale's media relations team is always looking for stories to share. Here are a few things to keep in mind when pitching a story idea:

1. Timeliness: Are you promoting an event? A birthday? Or a celebration? Make sure you let our media relations team know at least two weeks in advance so we have time to pitch it to the media. Always let us know before the event and not after.

2. Impact: Will this story change the community you live in? Does it matter?

3. Novelty or Uniqueness: Is this an unusual story? 

4. Human Interest: Would people be interested in learning about this story?

5. Characterization or Prominence: This is part of human interest. People are interested in interesting or famous people! 

If your story idea fits at least one of these guidelines, then we would love to hear about it! Use the link below to send us an email with the following information:

1. Who: Identify the main subject – make sure to identify the community involved.

2. What: Tell us the story! What is this person or community doing that is newsworthy?

3. When: Tell us the date and time the event will take place.

4. Where: Location and street address, city and state of the event.

5. How or Why: Tell us the purpose of the event, how and/or why this story or event should receive media attention.

6. Additional Information: Include as many extra details or photos that make this story more interesting or unique. 

7. Community Point of Contact: Name, email and phone of person requesting media relations support.

8. Executive Director: Please include the name and email address of the Executive Director for visibility and approval.

Submitting this form does not grant permission for you to seek media attention on your own. All media outreach and media interviews must be authorized and coordinated with Media Relations.

Not all requests for media outreach will earn actual media coverage but there may be other ways to get the word out through other channels. Please keep in mind “earned” media doesn’t cost a thing so it’s never guaranteed. The more timely, relevant or unique a story may be, the more likely your chances to earn a story. However, breaking news or other factors could impact your chances of earning coverage.