by Andrew Smith
30 October 2017

Woman Adjusting Thermostat

Winter can be rough on everyone, but it’s often especially difficult for seniors. When temperatures drop, seniors can find it challenging to navigate icy roads and snow-covered walkways, stay warm and safe indoors, and avoid the colds and flu that come with the season.

Here are six tech gadgets that may be able to help seniors stay safe, warm and comfortable throughout cold weather:

  1. Nest Thermostat — Programmable thermostats can help you save money on energy bills, and the Nest Thermostat makes it easy to control the temperature in your home. Installation is a DIY process, and then you just use the Nest for a week, making adjustments throughout the day to match your desired temperature — higher when you’re up and about in the home, and lower at night. The Nest learns your preferences and will begin making adjustments to match your desired temperature depending on conditions, time of day and season. You can also control the thermostat remotely from your smartphone using the Nest app.
  2. Compustar remote car starterWhen snow and ice cover the ground, you want to minimize trips between your car and home, but who wants to sit in a cold car while it warms up? Compustar remote car starters can be added to virtually any vehicle, and allow you to turn your vehicle on from inside your house so the interior of the car can warm up.
  3. Weather tracking app — If you know what the weather is going to do, you can stay ahead of it. The free MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar, Forecasts and Storms app, available through iTunes, shows animated weather radar maps for your location, based on radar data from the National Weather Service. You’ll be able to see if precipitation is in your area, and you can zoom or scroll the map on your smartphone. You can also set the app to give you weather warnings and alerts on your smartphone.
  4. ProFLEX Heated InsolesWhether you’re taking the dog out for a short walk or will be outdoors in the cold for an extended period, heated insoles can help ensure your feet stay warm. The ProFLEX version features a removable, rechargeable battery, remote operation and three temperature settings.
  5. Flu Defender tracking app — It just makes sense to take precautions against catching the flu. In addition to getting a flu shot to protect yourself, you can get a flu tracking app that will let you know the rates of flu cases in your area, as well as where to get vaccinated. The Flu Defender free app also provides information on the flu, how to prevent catching it, and common flu symptoms to watch for.
  6. Touchscreen glovesIf you’ve ever tried to use your smartphone’s screen while wearing gloves, you know that it just doesn’t work — unless you’re wearing gloves specifically designed to function with a touchscreen. Rather than pulling off your gloves whenever you need to use your phone, opt for a pair of touchscreen gloves. You can find many options through online retailers like Amazon. For example, Moshi Digits Touchscreen Gloves feature conductive fiber on every fingertip, plus they have microfleece lining and a grip pattern to help you hold on to your device in cold weather.

When you use technology to help you weather winter’s challenges, you can sit back and enjoy the fun aspects of the season, such as holidays and scenic snowfall, knowing you’ll be safe, warm and comfortable all winter long.


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