19 June 2019

When Allen Jones started work as the new Executive Director of Brookdale Jones Farm, a retirement community in Huntsville, AL, he had no idea that his past was about to catch up with him!

Turns out, Brookdale Jones Farm resident Rosalie Roberts knew exactly who Allen was and remembered him from… elementary school! Back then, she was known as Rosalie Horton and was the principal at the elementary school where Allen was just not following the rules. So Allen ended up in the principal’s office for misbehaving. He received his first spanking and Rosalie was the one who had to administer the spanking, which she had never done before. So it was a first for both of them!

The way Rosalie tells it, Allen had been skating on the school floors with his shoes off. He was chastised for this but did it again. Rosalie says, “It was a new job for me. They (the students) needed to know that I meant business.” The lesson seemed to take as there was no trouble after that.

Rosalie, who has been a resident at Brookdale Jones Farm for about 3 ½ years now, says that she was pleasantly surprised to see her former student take charge of her community a few months ago, and she was glad to see him. Allen says that when he came to work and saw her the first time, he was amused and said, “Oh, there’s Mrs. Horton. You have not changed one bit!” 

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