03 August 2022

Jonathan became a server at the community after graduating from high school, and 15 years later, he continues to provide great service and a fulfilling dining experience for all of his residents. “Jonathan never fails to make everyone’s day better when he’s here!” shares Maria El Bekai, Dining Services Director and Jonathan Williams’ supervisor at Brookdale Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, IL.

The reason for his longevity goes far beyond what he does as a job. “The years have flown by, and my relationships with the residents and associates are what keeps me coming back every day,” said Jonathan. “I’m familiar with the residents – what they like and don’t like, I know when they’re having a good or bad day, and when to put a smile on their face,” he shares.

One of Jonathan’s residents, Joy Marks, knows that when he’s there, she’ll be in for a treat. “During those long months of staying in my apartment, Jonathan “took care” of me. Care was what he gave me, mixed with patience, competency, sincerity, and a smile,” said Joy. “And in these more normal days, I’m just glad when he’s my waiter. It always makes him happy to make me and my friends happy. If I want something extra… there’s that smile again.”   

He also knows the importance of what he does – that he has the ability to make a person’s day better –and enjoys sharing his expertise with others. When asked, Jonathan explains it well – “Having the opportunity to show new and fellow associates how to use our dining services tools, and how to do the job and interact with our residents means a lot to me, and I’m happy to partner with everyone to make sure we’re always providing the great service residents expect.”    

Loving what you do can and, in this case, does translate into being great at what you do and having a great impact. “Jonathan is so dedicated to the residents and our community – he is quick with a smile and a kind word. We all look forward to seeing Jonathan each day,” shared Executive Director Erika Keegan.

And not only has Jonathan made a difference in Joy’s and other residents’ lives, they’ve also made an impact on his life, becoming like a second family to him. He’s grown up with them, they’ve shared their wisdom with him and that has helped shape him and how he views the world. 

Thank you Jonathan for making a difference in your residents’ and fellow associates’ lives, and for your commitment to serving seniors and to Brookdale.   

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