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12 October 2018

The Second Annual Brookdale Senior Living Celebrate Aging Film Festival is officially in the books, and the reviews are in. We thought last year’s festival was one for the ages, yet it feels as if we exceeded our own expectations once again! Our nominees were the stars of the show from beginning to end. They walked the red carpet, including being interviewed for a live-streamed pre-show on Brookdale’s Facebook page, made a grand entrance as part of the opening number, and celebrated as their fellow nominees received awards. We ended our time together with a formal dinner. 

The nominees, their families, and friends could hardly believe the red carpet experience from beginning to end. They felt like royalty, like stars.  

Watching this well-deserving group of people take in every experience gave everyone on the team a sense of wonder, and reminded us why we work with seniors. Those of us who worked to make the film festival happen would all agree that there is no greater reward than living out our passion for older adults. To elevate our elders to their rightful place in our culture through this event is the pinnacle for us. Throughout the events surrounding the film festival, we exchanged knowing glances that said, “Can you believe we get to do this as a job?” Pinch me.

In his acceptance speech for the Best Picture award for the film Reflections, Brookdale Greenville resident John Robb said, "I'm so impressed by this organization and what it's done.  I'd like to congratulate all you folks out there for creating a wonderful organization that enables us to participate for the rest of our lives."

Congratulate us? It is you, Mr. Robb, who deserves the accolades for your example of how to live richly while helping us to redefine aging. 

The film festival has to be seen to be believed. All who participate come away changed like a light has been turned on. We are part of something magical, bigger than all of us. There is a movement, a shift occurring. And we are all grateful to be along for the ride.

If you did not join us this year, make plans to do so next year either live in person or via live stream at a Brookdale community. You won’t be sorry.

Until next year…

Be Well on Purpose!


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