23 July 2019

Do you know when most people think they should start planning for retirement?
How do think most people plan to pay for senior living?

Find the answers to these and other questions by taking Brookdale’s new Who’s Planning for the Future Quiz. This short, interactive quiz can help you understand how most Americans are, or aren’t, planning for their later years. See how you compare.

The quiz is based around the results of a new survey conducted on Brookdale’s behalf by OnePoll. The survey asked a random sample of 2,000 Americans between the ages of 18 and 51+ how they and their families are planning for the future. We found that many people are not planning for senior living, and don’t know how they would pay for it if they need it later in life.

Take our quiz to learn how Americans are planning for the future.

HINT: Want to study before you take the quiz?
Watch our short video “Who’s Planning for the Future,” which highlights the survey results. There just might be some questions based around the data in this video.


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