14 September 2018

Throughout our lifetime, we encounter periods of music that leave a lasting impression on us. Whether it is a product of our creation or shared moments in time, music resonates through us and evokes a multitude of emotions. It is through individual experience that we develop our own perspectives of the world and everything around us, thus creating the soundtrack of our lives. "Life is a Soundtrack” is a film that shows how important music is to seniors in memory care. Christopher Sabater, Clare Bridge program manager at Brookdale North Austin, directed the film. We talked to Christopher about the film and what he and the residents enjoyed the most about it.


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What were you trying to say with this film?
Sabater: Music therapy is important at our community. I really wanted to create a film that conveyed the connection we have with music as we know music is something everyone has in common.

Why is that topic important to you?
Sabater: Inspiration comes from within, and engaging with residents in both assisted living and memory care, I noticed a significant increase of involvement when music was being performed. Research has indicated that music triggers memories for many, and I wanted to express how music affects people of any generation. This film is a celebration of aging in an ever-changing world.

How many people participated in the making of your film?
Sabater: Approximately 40

How many hours did you spend on the film, including writing, shooting and editing?
Sabater: We worked on it for about two hours a day, five days a week for several weeks. I would guess around 30 hours.

What was the most challenging part of the film making process?
Sabater: I’m sure a lot of people have said this, but the editing was the most difficult. Shooting the scenes and picking the music wasn’t difficult but to figure out how to edit it correctly to tell a story is what I found the most challenging.

How did this project help connect residents and associates at Brookdale?
Sabater:I feel like it helped me get to know the residents more. When we started sharing these songs and I saw how they all reacted to each one and to each other, it felt more like a family.

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