29 January 2020

Brookdale Chief Executive Officer Lucinda (Cindy) Baier fielded a wide range of questions this week as members of Women in Technology-Tennessee (WiTT) gathered to hear about leadership, technology’s importance in business, and personal stories about career development and advancement. This event expanded on the success of Baier’s appearance late last year at WiTT’s “Executive Briefing”.

In discussing the importance of gender diversity to the success of businesses, Baier pointed to the success Brookdale has had in achieving gender parity on its board of directors as well as with her leadership team. Among the benefits that have been documented in published research articles, Baier said, “The quality of our discussions is so much better because we have different perspectives represented.”

Baier’s advice for those who want to advance their careers included that they focus on being problem-solvers and take risks in order to expand their experience base. Baier endorsed building their own networks and mentor relationships to grow professionally and, of course, working harder than anyone else in the room!

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