15 August 2019

Paying for senior living can seem complicated. But Brookdale Senior Living can simplify things and help you understand how easy and affordable a senior living community can be. Our new infographic “Paying for Senior Living” can help you understand costs, financial planning and common misconceptions. You can download the full infographic here – Paying for Senior Living.


We created this infographic in response to information gathered in a new survey of 2,000 adults across the country. You can find out more about what our survey uncovered here – Survey: How Americans Plan for the Future. Among those polled, 64% told us they don’t know if or don’t believe they can afford to move into a senior living community. Brookdale is providing this information so that seniors and their families can focus on what’s best - enjoying and enriching their lives.


More than 61% of those surveyed said they plan to stay in their current home, even if they have to live alone. Unfortunately, social isolation is one of the leading causes of depression among seniors. Senior living communities provide their residents with numerous opportunities to socialize and many great programs that help them stay active, make new friends and have fun. Many of our residents tell us they wish they’d moved in much sooner. Their sons and daughters often tell us how grateful they are to have their parents in a safe and caring environment, where they can work on strengthening relationships.

There’s a common misconception that staying in a home costs less than living in a senior living community. Many seniors discover the cost can be the same or even less than living alone. Just take a look at all the expenses that come with living in a house. You’ve got utilities, a mortgage or rent, groceries, lawn care, home maintenance, insurance, and a lot more. If you are paying for in-home care or help then your expenses could be even higher. Senior living communities include many of these expenses, and give residents more time to do the things they like, instead of doing chores.



The three most common ways to pay for senior living are the sale of a home, retirement savings and social security. But these are just some of the ways to pay for senior living. There are many more, and Brookdale can help you understand how to maximize your budget by identifying the type of care and amenities you need. Plus, we’ve got some great tips, like these…







If you’re interested in finding out more about senior living the best thing you can do is visit a Brookdale community to talk about what options are available. You can find a community near you by visiting Brookdale.com.

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