06 May 2020

Brookdale’s Social Media content has so engaged viewers and readers through the pandemic that Facebook noticed and identified some of what we’re doing as best practices. Facebook also selected Brookdale to be featured as an exemplary leader of social media for COVID-19 response.

Chief Marketing Officer David Cygan said, “This is really exciting and we are so proud of the social team. In times like these when sharing information is critical, it feels really good when the programs you work so diligently on get recognized as a best practice by the largest social media company in the world!”

Facebook noted Brookdale’s social media best practices, such as consistently using images and organic posting supporting and reflecting PPE and social distancing. Kristin Puckett, Sr. Director of Social Media Strategy, explained, “The posts are honest conversations about staying engaged during isolation, making sure we are providing up to date information, and being transparent. We are responsive to daily changes, and creating meaningful content to help our followers, prospects and their families get through this difficult time. The Center of Excellence social media team helps our 741 communities pin current information to the top of each Facebook page, including visitor and move-in protocols, what we’re doing to help protect our residents, and daily, fresh content. These pinned posts on Facebook help keep our residents and their families up-to-date with information from our corporate and local community leadership.”

The team is currently working with Facebook to share content in a number of ways:

  • Add Brookdale to Facebook’s internal COVID-library where Facebook Leadership team have access
  • Help position Brookdale as a thought leader through the Facebook Communications team, which is actively reaching out to the press to find ways to share these stories
  • Features on Brookdale via Facebook’s Internal Social channels and blogs and link to the Brookdale website



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