02 May 2018

You don’t have to be in Kentucky to enjoy the Kentucky Derby! Residents at Brookdale Sarasota Central are getting excited for the “Greatest Two Minutes in Sports” and are preparing for their own Derby party by decorating Derby hats. The community will showcase the hats during a Kentucky Derby party on Friday, May 4th.

The Kentucky Derby is quite an event, full of fancy attire, ornate hats and “parties, parties, and lots of bourbon,” said Brookdale Sarasota Central resident Edie Dungan. Edie lived in Louisville, Kentucky for 17 years before moving to Sarasota and even attended the Kentucky Derby a few times. “There are so many fancy people, all dressed up and ready to party,” she shared.

To get in the spirit of Churchill Downs attire, residents gathered together to create their own version of Derby hats. Residents chose different types of hats to decorate, from wide-brimmed to the European-fascinator style; they added flowers, beads and whatever other decoration inspired them.

Jeanne Bishop chose a hat with a turquoise sash and added some beading to it. Her inspiration was the color; she wanted it to look like a colorful spring meadow.

Jeanne is looking forward to the race and the party on Friday. When asked if she had a favorite horse, she said she hasn’t picked one yet, but when she does, “it will be the one with the most interesting name.”

You can’t have a Kentucky Derby without horses! To complete the theme, Life Planning Law Firm, in Sarasota, will bring two small ponies, Ranger and Annie, for a meet and greet with the residents. The party will be held at Brookdale Sarasota Central on Friday, May 4th from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

“I’m not a big horse racing fan but I do like to watch the Kentucky Derby,” said fellow resident Margie Rosenthal. “Then I watch the Preakness to root for the horse that won the Kentucky Derby. Then I’m all excited, rooting for the Triple Crown winner at the Belmont Stakes. The excitement is tremendous!”

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