23 March 2021

The community-wide event hosted at Brookdale New Braunfels was spawned by the pandemic’s restrictions that prevented residents from frequenting their favorite local bakeries. Before the pandemic, the community took weekly outings to local bakeries to try treats, old and new. 

Instead of leaving the community however, the treats from local bakeries were brought in for the “Sweetest of the Sweets Bake-Off.”

Local bakers came together to donate over 11 different baked goods, including cookies, cakes and pies, for the residents to judge.

"There was so much laughter, fellowship and we all had our sweet tooth satisfied. It warms my heart how much the local community loves us here at Brookdale New Braunfels," said Misty Alva, resident programs coordinator. "We can't wait until we can revisit our favorite sweet shops. Our local bakers truly showed how much they cared about lifting the residents’ spirits and reminding us all that we need each other."

In the end, the coffee cannoli won first place, strawberry shortcake cupcakes were second and the tres leches cakes finished in third.

"I adore the senior living community, and we hope to do much more for them in the future. They need to know how much the local community loves them." said Kimmie from Emerald Whisk, who was awarded first place for her coffee cannoli.

Bakery donations came from Emerald Whisks Bakery, Cake Couture, New Braunfels Bakery, Nagelians, 2Tarts, New City Bakery and New Braunfels Coffee House and Bakery.


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