10 July 2019

Brookdale Senior Living President and CEO Lucinda “Cindy” Baier recently shared the company’s vision to be the nation’s first choice in senior living with members of the Economic Club of Nashville. She spoke to the group on Tuesday at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, and explained how Brookdale’s mission is to enrich the lives of the seniors and their families through compassion, respect, excellence and integrity.

“But one of the biggest challenges in fulfilling our mission is that people just don’t want to talk about the future,” Baier explained. “They don’t seem to want to plan.”

More than half (58%) of adult children with parents 67 or older worry about them living without assistance, according to a new survey of 2,000 Americans conducted for Brookdale by OnePoll. That survey also identified that only 57% of adult children have discussed future living plans with their parents, and nearly the same percentage (58%) described having discussions about senior life topics as either uncomfortable or stressful.

“So I’m here today to open up the conversation with you, so you can open up the conversation with your loved ones, and so you can better understand some of the stresses your employees are operating under,” said Baier

Baier went on to explain the important role senior living plays in our society, from caregiving to offering meaning and a sense of purpose to older adults. Brookdale also offers guidance and provides referrals to families who want to help plan for the futures of their senior loved ones.

“Many folks find that senior living is comparable to the costs of staying in their own homes, when you factor in all the various expenses like utilities, home maintenance, groceries, transportation and entertainment, to name a few,” she said

Entertainment and socialization are much more important than many people think. Research shows that isolation is a leading factor in health declines in older adults, according to the AARP. In fact, living in isolation can be as unhealthy as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, according to the Health Resources and Services Administration. That really is a world getting smaller, but thankfully it doesn’t have to be that way.

“Life is about relationships and we call our buildings communities for a reason,” Baier said. “I’ve heard many of our seniors say they have never had more friends in their life then they do at Brookdale.”
For more details on starting the conversation about senior living click visit Brookdale.com, where you can watch a video and get tips on what questions to ask.

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