15 December 2021

Brookdale President and CEO Cindy Baier is focused squarely on what matters most: enriching lives. Baier was chosen as a panelist for the virtual Transformative CEO Summit: “CEOs. Healthcare & Transformation,” and helped lead the “Healthcare Innovation” workgroup. She spoke about how proud she is of Brookdale’s team of associates for acting selflessly, creatively, and collaboratively throughout the pandemic and beyond to best serve residents and their families. 

“Today we believe almost anything is possible, and it’s just a question of how we choose to shape the future to get what we want,” said Baier.

Baier said there is a real opportunity industry-wide to work more collaboratively to provide better care, access, and health outcomes. She said it’s important to build and nurture a culture of innovation to get there. The best way to do that, she said, is to lead with gratitude, empathy, and to actively and intentionally listen.

“Sometimes you have to really understand the struggles your people are going through, to hear them, and see them. Just taking the time to be present and to walk side by side with your team.”

Forbes magazine’s The CEO Forum’s annual listing of 10 CEOs Transforming Healthcare in America includes Baier.


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