07 May 2019

In 1910, Howard Taft was the President; the Boy Scouts of America was incorporated; Henry Ford sold 10,000 cars and Brookdale Carriage Club Providence resident Annie Wilson was born. If you did the math, that’s 109 years! We would like to wish Annie a very happy birthday!

Annie celebrated her 109th birthday at a party thrown by the residents and staff at her community on April 19th. She was born the ninth of 10 children on a farm in Matthews, North Carolina. She said that she and her siblings helped out their parents on the farm. Her specific duties were to help her mother cook.

"We had a good time, we didn't know anything about being lonesome or bored," she said. "We just stuck right there and did whatever was to do." 

The celebration continued when Cindy Baier, CEO of Brookdale, personally connected with Annie via Facetime to share her congratulations on this special occasion. From the company’s Nashville corporate office, Cindy reached out to Annie with help from the Resident Programs associate at the community, Samantha Duncan.

The conversation ranged from family matters – Annie has multiple grand-children and great grand-children – to likes and dislikes in the dining room.  Annie is partial to butter pecan ice cream, so Brookdale was able to arrange a special delivery to continue the celebration!

Her milestone celebration made its way to WUSA 9 news and SouthernLiving.com.

Happy Birthday, Annie!


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